With age, the forehead becomes saggy, and the lines in it increase and become more clear and cause
a tired and sad appearance to the person, which prompts many women and men to search for a solution to this problem.

● What is Forehead surgery?

Forehead Reduction that Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli performs is a process that everyone who suffers from a wide grain resorts to by reducing the distance between the hairline and eyebrows.
The enlargement of the grain may be the result of several genetic factors, using some cosmetic
technic, or the loss of hair from the front, which causes an increase in the distance between the
hairline and the eyebrows.

● Is there a difference between forehead reduction and eyebrow lift surgery?

Yes, there is a difference between the two procedures, but a facelift or upper forehead lift and eyebrow lift surgery can be formed alone or together.

● Who are the candidates for forehead reduction surgery?

Patients from 18 to 50 years of age, male and female.

● What is the technique used in forehead surgery?

Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli determines the area be removed and then begins to numb the forehead locally after
the patient is completely anesthetized.
The doctor makes an incision above and below the target area, then frees the skin from the connective tissue and removes it.
The doctor pulls the skin at the hairline and sews it up with the lower incision on the forehead.

● What is the advantage of forehead reduction surgery?

The results appear immediately and remain permeant.
It gives the hairline a thicker appearance if it is performed in an area with thick hair.

● What are the disadvantages of forehead reduction surgery?

Certainly, there are some defects that can bother the patient, such as the feeling of tingling
sometimes along the surgical incision, which disappears within 4 to 6 months.

● How long does it take to recover after forehead surgery?

The patient can back home after one day of the surgery and he can shower the next day.
The patient is recommended to apply ice to prevent swelling and bruising in the face area, as is the
case after all cosmetic operations.

● Does forehead surgery leave any traces after the operation?

The technique used in forehead lift operation varies from one patient to another according to the width of the forehead and structure of the skin.

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