Arm lift surgery that Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli performs is a precise procedure performed for both sexes, both men and women to tighten and lift the loose skin of the upper arms.

● What is Arm Lift surgery?

Sagging and loosening of the arms are one of the common problems in middle-aged women. This problem is also seen in losing and gaining excess weight. It gets more annoying in the summer, With the increasing feeling of discomfort among people who suffer from loosening and sagging of their arms while wearing sleeveless clothes.
The arm lift operation that Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli performs is the best solution to remove excess sagging skin to make it smoother and tighter.

● How is Arm Lift surgery performed?

The process takes two or three hours. General anesthesia will be used. The surgeon will mark the upper arms where the incision will be made.
Generally, the incisions will be made on the back and sides of the upper arm. This can be also approached from the armpit or the top of the elbow, The method will be predetermined.
The surgeon performs liposuction if there is excess fat, then he uses sutures to close the incision.

● Who is a good candidate for Arm Lift surgery?

The ideal candidates are those who suffer from sagging skin on the upper arms after significant weight loss or due to aging, and weight stability is a prerequisite for the success of the operation.

● Will there be any scars after the procedure?

Since the arm lift operation is along the lower side of the arm, the scars are hidden and fade over time.

● How long does the patient have to wait to return to normal life?

The patient needs three weeks to start moving the arm, after the sixth week, all activities are free. The patient will be also to resume daily activities and routine within two weeks.

● What is the healing time for Arm Lift surgery?

The patient needs three weeks to start moving the arm, after the sixth week, all activities are free.

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